I'm a passionate DM with three years of Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition experience and a level 17 party.


I'll be sharing my nuggets of wisdom, exploring digital tabletop tools, supporting my favorite artists, and recounting fantastic D&D tales!

My first foray into tabletop role-playing games was a mix between Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e and original Pathfinder. I liken those experiences to a fever dream. The characters and campaigns bled together as I bumbled about, confused by my character sheet and unfamiliar with the rules. Woefully, the groups never lasted long enough to properly get my bearings.


A few years later I decided I would give DMing a try. Quite the undertaking for someone who never learned the rules to begin with! Thanks to a great group, a supportive partner, the forgiving Fifth edition, and the help of D&D Beyond's toolset I grew into a proper DM. It's been a journey, and yet the adventure has just begun!

Currently Playing

Magic Awry [DM]

  • Party of 4

  • Level 17

  • Start: Jan. 2018

Wrath of the Aktaroth [Player]

  • Party of 3

  • Level 9

  • Start: Dec. 2018